Voting for Photo of the Year 2022

These twenty-six photos were taken by Cambridgeshire Bird Club members and one became Photo of the Year for 2022.  Voting was open to members only.  All members could vote once, and voters had 10 points to distribute among up to 3 photos, in any combination, e.g. all 10  for one, 5 each for two joint-favourites,  or 5, 3, 2 or 7, 2, 1 or whatever a member wanted.   Included among these candidates were automatically-eligible Pictures of the Month.  The competition was promoted on this website and on social media.   Voting opened on 7 February and closed on 6th March.

The photo with the highest points at the end of the competition won a book token, presented at the AGM on 10th March 2023.  Again, based on points received, there was a runner- up and also a third place. The top three photos will be published in the 2022 Cambridgeshire Bird Report.  The winner, runner-up and third place can be viewed here.

A  Black Tern

B  Cape Gull

C  Cattle Egret

D  Redstart

E  Common Tern

F  Gargeney

G  Glossy Ibis

H  Goosander

I  Grey Phalarope

J  Hoopoe

K  Little Owl

L  Long-tailed Tit (brood)

M  Long-tailed Tit (adult)

N  Marsh Harrier (cream-cap)

O  Marsh Harrier (male)

P  Pectoral Sandpiper

Q  Pied Flycatcher

R  Redwing

S  Ruff

T  Sedge Warbler

U  Short-eared Owl

V  Spoonbill

W  Water Rail

X  Wood Sandpiper

Y  Wryneck

Z  Yellowhammer