Turtle Dove 2021 Survey

In summer 2021 (May through July) there will be a national Turtle Dove survey, instigated by the Rare Breeding Birds Panel (RBBP) but being co-ordinated by the RSPB Conservation Science team.

Cambridgeshire Bird Club is helping to promote this in order to get coverage of the ~150 1km squares across Cambridgeshire selected for surveying. There are 1km squares chosen in every 10km square, some from the Atlas, or from where there are more recent records. The survey needs two morning visits, walking around appropriate habitat in the selected square.

The 1km-squares have been selected following a stratified sample approach, with the top stratum being squares with recent records (2015-20). It is quite possible that some of the squares are no longer suitable for breeding Turtle Doves – if that is the case, they will be disregarded as part of the sample. Because of this stratified, scientific approach, it is quite possible that squares with your own recent records of Turtle Doves are not in the survey. (Outwith this survey, please continue to submit all records of Turtle Doves in 2021 in your usual way.)

The RSPB will shortly have created a survey web hub, where volunteer surveyors will be able to select survey squares and download methods, survey forms and maps. It will be up and running by early February. For any early birds wanting to get involved, please make contact via Turtledovesurvey@rspb.org.uk and rarebreedbird@cambridgebirdclub.org.uk. A link to be RSPB hub will be provided when it becomes live.

Click here for the list of 1km squares with their location names

For details of the survey methods, see here

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Supported by the BTO and Natural England

Turtle dove (c) Les Bunyan (rspb-images.com)

Map of Cambridgeshire 1km squares to be surveyed.