Pictures of the Month 2021

From this month on, there is a slight change to the selection procedure. In line with the procedure used for the Picture of the Year, a small committee will agree a short-list of pictures, based on criteria of sharpness/focus, composition, light/exposure, and rarity. From this selection which is presented to the person choosing the Picture of the Month, one winner will be chosen.

Kingfisher © Roger Cresswell, Cambridge, 25th January

Mike Foley chose Picture of the Month for January: "With so many wonderful photographs to look at, I am rather relieved that I have had technical help to reduce the number to ten. Even so, it has been a challenge. Not being a photographer I am in awe at the patience and expertise that is often needed to get a really good photo. To me, a particularly striking bird is the Jonathan Stephenson's Carrion Crow, in a snow scene made bleaker by having such bedraggled plumage. Garth Peacock's Cattle Egret was high up the list as a potential bird of the month, as was Mike Weedon's Iceland Gull, but after a lot of thought my choice for Picture of the Month has to be Roger Cresswell's Kingfisher. Roger has thoughtfully caused a deliberate blurring of the background which focuses the eye fully on the bird, enhancing the excellent artistic composition."

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