Pictures of the Month 2021

From this month on, there is a slight change to the selection procedure. In line with the procedure used for the Picture of the Year, a small committee will agree a short-list of pictures, based on criteria of sharpness/focus, composition, light/exposure, and rarity. From this selection which is presented to the person choosing the Picture of the Month, one winner will be chosen.


Kingfisher © Roger Cresswell, Cambridge, 25th January

Mike Foley chose Picture of the Month for January: "With so many wonderful photographs to look at, I am rather relieved that I have had technical help to reduce the number to ten. Even so, it has been a challenge. Not being a photographer I am in awe at the patience and expertise that is often needed to get a really good photo. To me, a particularly striking bird is the Jonathan Stephenson's Carrion Crow, in a snow scene made bleaker by having such bedraggled plumage. Garth Peacock's Cattle Egret was high up the list as a potential bird of the month, as was Mike Weedon's Iceland Gull, but after a lot of thought my choice for Picture of the Month has to be Roger Cresswell's Kingfisher. Roger has thoughtfully caused a deliberate blurring of the background which focuses the eye fully on the bird, enhancing the excellent artistic composition."

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Jackdaw © Jonathan Stephenson, St. Ives, 23rd February 2021

Sue Greenway chose this month's picture. She says, thank you for giving me the opportunity to choose a picture of the month. I have been informed that February can be a difficult month to photograph birds due to the quality of light. I am not a photographer so I am relieved that I only have 10 fantastic photos to choose from. My husband ( who is a photographer) helpfully suggested some subcategories to score each photo on. This still made it difficult to choose but in the end, the one photo that made me smile and keep coming back to was Jonathan Stephenson's Jackdaw. In this photo, I could really feel the character of the bird and the sense of its movement as it shook the water from itself.

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White-tailed Eagle © Ian Dawson, Grafham Water, 6th March 2021

Duncan Mackay made this month's selection:

"I enjoyed several of this month's images. Some are excellent compositions, others are technically almost perfect... but combining both photographic criteria with what the image tells you about the bird and its behaviour, I think the series of White-tailed Eagle photos by Ian Dawson takes some beating. The mobbing gull for scale, together with the dramatic bending of the feathers really gives the photograph a lot of feeling which makes this image very arresting. Number 5 is my choice".

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