About the club

Our history

The Club was founded in 1925 in memory of Professor Alfred Newton F.R.S. (1829 –1907). Formed as a frustrated response to the blocking of a move to form different sections within the Cambridge Natural History Society, it was originally called the Cambridge Ornithological Club and membership was restricted to only 20 persons! More...

Club Projects

Our Research Committee is responsible for coordinating and promoting surveys across the county that are relevant to the club's aims. It reports the findings through the Club’s publications and at meetings. More...

Spotted Flycatcher


We produce the annual Cambridgeshire Bird Report, and distribute monthly an e-Bulletin to members which contains up to date bird records and articles. We produced the Cambridgeshire Bird Atlas 2007-2011, part of the BTO Bird Atlas project. Previous annual reports and bulletins are regularly placed on the website and made available to all.


For Council, membership, photo gallery, ringing, bulletin editor, indoor meetings and field trips, What's About, research projects, annual report sales, Lists & Facts, and webmaster.