Checklist and spreadesheet

In February 2019, the BOU brought in a new checklist order. Our records spreadsheet has been changed accordingly, view and download here.

For those of you who do direct records submissions to the Cambridgeshire Bird Club, could you please use our revised spreadsheet from now on. (All earlier 2019 records will be converted for you, which is also true for BirdTrack records).

There are significant rearrangements in some groups.... Geese are now first, then swans, then wildfowl. Many groups have had rearrangements within them, e.g. groups of waders, grebes, seabirds, herons have shuffled around. There are also scientific name changes( which aren't in this sheet). Our county list also includes several subspecies which we record separately at a county level.

Note that this new spreadsheet also notes which species are currently county or national description species, should you be lucky enough to be the finder of a rarity.

See the latest, full BOU list, dated 24 January 2020

View the previous BOU list, dated 1 February 2019