Kingfishers Bridge

Access is by turning north (left from Stretham, right from Wicken) opposite the Upware turn on the A1123. Drive past the farm and follow the road until a sign (with a Kingfisher sitting on it) points you to a parking area on your right.

(If very wet and muddy you will be directed further along the road to a concrete standing area where you can park, but please keep clear of the barn where working vehicles may need access).

From the car park follow the Bittern sign through the woodland to Bittern Bump. This is a mound created to view over the reedbed. From there you can continue along the footpath through the woodland until you rejoin the concrete road. Turn right and walk along the road towards the hill ahead of you. This hill was created from the spoil where the lake now is. You will be directed up the hill to the two hides from where you have a view over the lake and the wet meadows, (please don’t walk along the concrete road towards the lake as this disturbs the birds and will spoil your visit).

There is also a viewing screen along the west side of the lake. To reach this, instead of turning right near the mound for the hides go through the gate in front of you and walk along the grass path. The path makes a right hand turn with the riverbank on your left and the poplar plantation on your right. Continue along through the gate (open unless sheep are present) and turn right when you can see the screen through the trees. This gives you a closer view of the lake but you need to be very quiet so not to disturbs any birds near by.

Enjoy your visit and please do not attempt to access any areas through the electric fence.

Google Map; KFB Website