2018 Photo of the Year Competition

Your chance to vote for the Photo of the year 2018. Any Club member can vote. You have 10 points and can vote for up to 3 photos, assigning your points in any way. Please email your votes to vincelea@btinternet.com by March 5th 2019

A Black-headed Gull

B Cormorant (July)

C Cormorant (April)

D Cuckoo

E Coot

F Dunlin

G Fieldfare (October)

H Fieldfare (March)

I Green Woodpecker

J Great Crested Grebe

K Greylag Goose

L Goldeneye

M Hawfinch

N House Sparrow

O Little Grebe

P Meadow Pipit

Q Marsh Harrier

R Peregrine

S Rough-legged Buzzard

T Red-throated Diver

U Stonechat

V Short-eared Owl

W Spotted Flycatcher

X Song Thrush

Y Treecreeper

Z Yellow Wagtail