Bird reports

The Club's Bird Report is produced annually and covers the new county of Cambridgeshire.

Members of the Club receive it as part of their subscription. It contains a review of the year, a full systematic list as well as topical articles and papers.

The 2018 Report No. 92 is now available to purchase at £10.00 (plus £1.90 p&p), £11.90 in total.

Please contact our Report distributor Bruce Martin, 178 Nuns Way, Cambridge, CB4 2NS.

Cheques should be made payable to: The Cambridgeshire Bird Club

Some previous issues at reduced prices may also be available. Please contact Bruce Martin on for details.

Articles for the annual Cambridgeshire Bird Report are welcome. Any articles or queries regarding the Bird Report should be addressed to the Annual Report Editor to discuss your submission in advance.

Bird report archive

Dick Newell initiated this Annual Report digitisation project. Dick did the work himself on the photography with the assistance of Bruce Martin. Mike Foley and Chris Quy sorted out the website implementation. The Club is extremely grateful to Dick, Chris and these others for making these Reports available online.

View them here