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The Cambridgeshire Bird Club promotes the study, recording and conservation of birds in Cambridgeshire and encourages a wider interest in natural history and the protection of county wildlife habitats.

We record the County's birds in our Annual Report, so we need your records. We have a stunning Gallery, so we need your photos, and we have a video blog where you add your bird recordings. We do research, we have indoor and outdoor meetings, and we keep you informed with our regular print and online Bulletins. And have a look at our Facebook page.

You can see What's About? and we urge you to report interesting, sensitive or confidential sightings to the County Recorder.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon.

Cambridgeshire Spotted Flycatchers
- your help is still needed

The CBC has been surveying breeding Spotted Flycatchers this year.
Have you been aware of a pair nesting near you this year?
We still want to hear from anyone who has seen flycatchers after mid-May, or knows of a current or recent breeding site for these delightful birds.
You can find full details here:

Photo of the Year 2014


Winter Garden Bird Survey 2015/16

The Winter Garden Bird Survey will run between 4th October 2015 and 5th March 2016

To take part in the Cambridgeshire Bird Club Winter Garden Bird Survey 2015/16 click the link.

Summer Garden Bird Survey 2015

The Summer Garden Bird Survey started on 8th March 2015

Thank you to everyone that is taking part in the Cambridgeshire Bird Club Summer Garden Bird Survey 2015.
The survey is coming to the end and I look forward to receiving the results forms from 4th October onwards until the end of the month. I hope that everyone that wished to take part was able to. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

The winter survey results will be in next annual report, due December 2015.
Although the Summer survey is coming to an end, if you do wish to start you will still be making a contribution. Birds are being recorded until the 3rd October which is the last day of the survey period.

To take part in the Cambridgeshire Bird Club Summer Garden Bird Survey 2015 click the link.

Next indoor meetings:

Friday 11th September, Cottenham Village College

Ornithology to Ethno-ornithology – a life journey by Andy Gosler

Why are we ornithologists? Because we are fascinated by birds, yes, but why are humans so captivated by the ecology, evolution and behaviour of another vertebrate group that a UK Government Chief Scientist should complain that a disproportionate amount was spent on bird research to the detriment of other taxa? Whatever the answer to this, the fact that humans everywhere are enthralled by birds should point the way to how we might engage, re-engage or differently-engage people in all countries with nature, and so focus resources most effectively for its conservation. Ethno-ornithology is the study of human relationships and associations with birds, be they benign or harmful for the birds themselves. This talk expands on these issues and describes how the speaker’s own lifelong engagement with birds led to an interest in the very issue of human interest in birds itself.

Friday 9th October, Cottenham Village College

‘The Lady of the Reeds’ – the rediscovery of pioneering bird photographer Emma Turner by James Parry

James is a writer and editor of books on art, history and wildlife and is researching the life and work of Emma Turner, the pioneering bird photographer. Turner developed her craft in the Norfolk Broads, where in 1911 she helped rediscover the bittern as a British breeding bird and took the earliest known images of species such as water rail and bearded tit at the nest. She became one of Britain's leading women ornithologists and was a vice-president of the Cambridge Bird Club. After decades of obscurity following her death in 1940, the recent discovery of some of her diaries and an archive containing original Turner images and correspondence has shed new light on her remarkable achievements.

More information on 2015 Meetings...

Maps of meeting sites

AGM Papers 2015

2015 AGM agenda
2014 AGM minutes
The Cambridgeshire Bird Club financial statement for 2014 can be found here

A copy of the Chairman's report for 2013 can be found here
A copy of the Chairman's report for 2014 can be found here


The Club Bulletin is distributed to members six times a year in February, April, June, August, October and December. It contains a summary of recent reports, topical short articles and items of Club news. If you wish to receive our bulletins then you need to join us.
The Bulletin can either be mailed in paper form to members, or sent as a PDF email attachment. In addition, a more immediate monthly e-Bulletin with more detailed information and additional illustrations and photographs is distributed monthly, exclusively by email.
Members who wish to receive e-Bulletins (and / or their Bulletins by email) should provide their email details to the Editors, Peter Bircham & Chris Brown , who are always pleased to receive articles, papers and illustrative artwork for publication. If you would like to send in your records for inclusion in the bulletin summaries then see here.
Back-issues of Bulletins and e-Bulletins are available here.

Cambirds and Peterbirder

Cambirds is an unmoderated discussion group on Cambridgeshire birds and birding which is independent of the Cambridgeshire Bird Club. You do not need to be a member of the Club to participate in this forum, but you will need a Google account.

Peterbirder is a Yahoo-based discussion group for birdwatching, bird sightings and ornithology in Peterborough and the surrounding area. The group also welcomes discussion of all other wildlife in the Peterborough area. Peterbirder is not a part of Peterborough Bird Club.

Cranes sketch

Picture of the month for August
Sketches of the two Lakenheath crane pairs currently visiting Cambridgeshire.
©Norman Sills
Vince Lea has made this months selection.

"Pair A2 produced 2 fledglings, pair B produced 1 fledgling in 2015. We are interested in sightings of these family groups. Counts of accompanying young and any observations on feeding behaviour are of particular value to understanding their post-breeding movements and survival. We also welcome sightings of any other Crane pairs with young, which may tell us about any other East Anglian Crane pairs and their success. Pairs should remain with young until mid-Feb 2016. Ideally field notes on plumages of any Crane pairs should be sent to - photos may also be of use.

Distinctive features of the adults illustrated are:
Male A2 Dark grey/brown bustle with black tips
Female A2 Paler forewing than male but same upper breast grey as male

Male B large, jet-black bustle, broad neck band, noticeably larger than female
Female B Paler upper breast than male, narrower neck band and overall paler than male."

Normal photographic pictures will resume next month.

See all the pictures in the Gallery here

Previous Pictures of the Month can be seen here
Black-necked Grebe

CBC photograph of the year, 2014:
Black-necked Grebes ©Garth Peacock
The Club's congratulations go to Garth.


CBC photograph of the year 2014, 1st runner-up:
Skylark ©Garth Peacock

Spotted Flycatcher

CBC photograph of the year 2014, 2nd runner-up:
Spotted Flycatcher ©Simon Stirrup

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