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The Cambridgeshire Bird Club promotes the study, recording and conservation of birds in Cambridgeshire and encourages a wider interest in natural history and the protection of county wildlife habitats.

We record the County's birds in our Annual Report, so we need your records. We have a stunning Gallery, so we need your photos, and we have a video blog where you add your bird recordings. We do research, we have indoor and outdoor meetings, and we keep you informed with our regular print and online Bulletins. And have a look at our Facebook page.

You can see What's About? and we urge you to report interesting, sensitive or confidential sightings to the County Recorder.

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Summer Garden Bird Survey 2014-2015

The Summer Garden Bird Survey istarts on 8th March 2015

If you have a garden in this area and you like to watch the birds in your garden, we would like to invite you to take part in the Cambridgeshire Bird Club Summer Garden Bird Survey 2015.
Click on the above link for more details.

Winter Garden Bird Survey 2014-2015

As the winter garden bird survey 2014-15 is nearing the end we would like to remind you that the results can be sent in after 7th March 2015.
Please send them in by 30th April 2015.

If you have a garden in this area and you like to watch the birds in your garden, we would like to invite you to take part in the Cambridgeshire Bird Club Winter Garden Bird Survey 2014-2015.
Click on the above link for more details.

New e-Bulletin:

For a limited period only the new e-Bulletin is free for all to access and available here.
Beginning in 2014, the e-Bulletin will only be available to club members.

The October 2014 e-bulletin is available

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Next indoor meetings:

Friday 13th March, St Johns Hall, Cambridge

Annual General Meeting followed by
Guyana – South America's hidden gem by Chris Collins

Bordered by Venezuela and Brazil, this small South American country is rarely visited by birdwatchers, despite having many special birds to see. Chris has have been lucky enough to spend several months there and in his lecture we will visit many of the habitats which make Guyana such a unique destination. In the tropical forests there are hundreds of species including antbirds, toucans, macaws as well as the majestic Harpy Eagle, whilst out on the savannahs, it is possible to find Giant Anteaters and the highly endangered Sun Parakeet. More...

Friday 10th April, Cottenham Village College

Ancient Egypt – wildlife art detective by Jackie Garner

Egyptian art has some of the most beautifully restrained (and some of the most outrageously flamboyant) images known to man. This presentation looks at the portrayal of wildlife in ancient Egypt and investigates the tools, pigments and methods employed by Egyptian artists.

Wildlife artist, Jackie Garner has been painting wildlife and the natural world for over 30 years. She originally at the Medway College of Design, before becoming the part-time education officer at Gloucestershire's Nature in Art. She says that “That role allowed me to indulge my love of wildlife art, and I was inspired - and taught - by some of the great British wildlife artists - Robert Gillmor, Peter Partington, Bruce Pearson, Greg Poole... Before I knew it my metamorphosis from a "naturalist interested in art" to an ‘artist interested in nature’ was complete.

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A message from the Wildlife Trust: Voluntary bird surveyor (Ecology Groups)

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Club members receive a paper-bulletin six times a year, with articles and a summary of records for each two-month period. In addition, a new e-bulletin, with more detailed information, is now published monthly by delivered by email, and the first six editions are openly available here. If members would also like to receive their paper–Bulletin by email please contact the Bulletin editors Peter Bircham and Chris Brown. Please also contact them to discuss articles and news items for the bulletins, but continue to submit any bird records for bulletins to the County Recorder.

Cambirds and Peterbirder

Cambirds is an unmoderated discussion group on Cambridgeshire birds and birding which is independent of the Cambridgeshire Bird Club. You do not need to be a member of the Club to participate in this forum, but you will need a Google account.

Peterbirder is a Yahoo-based discussion group for birdwatching, bird sightings and ornithology in Peterborough and the surrounding area. The group also welcomes discussion of all other wildlife in the Peterborough area. Peterbirder is not a part of Peterborough Bird Club.

RSPB Centre for Conservation Science

Launched in February 2014, the RSPB's new online hub will direct you to a wealth of projects carried out by RSPB scientists, often in partnership with other research organisations and volunteer field-workers. The RSPB team aims to discover practical solutions to 21st century conservation problems. They do this by identifying the most important problems, discovering their causes, testing potential solutions and ensuring they work when implemented.

A search starts by using the drop-down menus based on Themes, Species and Habitats.


Picture of the month for January
Chiffchaff, Thriplow
25th January 2015 ©Gary Thornton
Louise Bacon has made this months selection.

"Amongst many raptors and owls in flight, all beautiful in excellent light, I looked for a charismatic passerine to stand out. Frosty or sunny wintery vegetation with strongly-marked birds is always a winner, and the Reed Bunting female at Fen Drayton and the charm of Goldfinches at Holme Fen were strong contenders. The photo which stood out for me was the excellent Chiffchaff portrait by Gary Thornton - well-lit, with little messy background, allowing a study of an unobtrusive winter visitor - you can even see the wear and tear on the wing feathers, such is the detail in this image."

See all the pictures in the Gallery here

Previous Pictures of the Month can be seen here
Bearded Tit

CBC photograph of the year, 2013:
Bearded Tit, Ouse Fen RSPB
26th September 2013 ©Neil Bramwell
The Club's congratulations go to Neil.


CBC photograph of the year 2013, runner-up:
Kingfisher, Fowlmere RSPB
10th July 2013 ©Malcolm Housden

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